Vinyl Stair Treads vs Rubber Stair Treads

For commercial applications there are two types of stair treads available today – vinyl stair treads and rubber stair treads.  Although similar in appearance, these two stair tread compounds offer different pros and cons depending on the situation.  Following is an explanation of these pros and cons for both vinyl treads and rubber treads.

Residential Stair Tread Styles

Stair treads are found in commercial and residential locations alike to help increase traction and prevent slips and falls while adding a touch of style thanks to a myriad of colors, patterns and textures.   While commercial stair treads are constructed from rubber and vinyl and are used primarily for stairwell safety, residential stair treads are most often used outdoors on wood and stone steps or indoors on wood stairs and afford an attractive, eye-catching appearance to help spruce up any stairwell while still affording a slip-resistance surface.

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