Stair Tread Adhesives

Several Adhesives are available to secure stair treads, stair risers, stringers and floor tiles to virtually any type of surface including wood, tile, metal, concrete, terrazzo and asphalt. These flooring adhesives offer different strengths, come in different compounds and have varying drying times depending on the adhesive selected. Most stair tread adhesives come in a variety of sizes. Stair tread nose caulk is also available to to fill any gaps between the tread and the nose of the stair.

Industrial-Grade Stair Tread Tape

Industrial-Grade Stair Tread Tape replaces the need for roll-on and trowelable adhesives and securely adheres stair treads to steps. This double-sided stair tape is ideal for vinyl and rubber stair treads, risers, tiles and stringers.

High strength, polyester thread reinforced, double-sided adhesive tape
VOC-free acrylic that can be used in small, confined spaces
Adheres instantly - no wait time
Covers 165 LF

Stair Tread Contact Adhesive

Our Stair Tread Contact Adhesive is a non-solvent (water) based alternative for installing treads as well as cove risers to concrete, wood, terrazzo, metal or marble.

Works well for vinyl and rubber stair treads.
Ready-to-use adhesive (requires 24 hrs to dry before use)
Covers approximately 75 LF per gallon.

Neoprene Contact Cement

Neoprene Contact Cement is a quick-drying solvent based adhesive that can be applied to all rubber and vinyl stair treads to concrete, pan filled, wood, metal, marble and terrazzo steps.

Works well for vinyl and rubber stair treads.
Rapid drying, ready-to-use adhesive
Covers approximately 75 LF per gallon.

Rubber Flooring Adhesive

Rubber Flooring Adhesive is ideal for installing both rubber floor tiles and rubber roll goods over on-grade dry concrete floors, suspended concrete floors, or suspended wood floors.

Can also use with molded rubber stair treads.
Not recommended where excessive moisture exists.
Covers approximately 150 SF per gallon.

Epoxy Rubber Tile Adhesive

Epoxy Rubber Tile Adhesive must be used with Orbitred Tile due to flame spread properties though it can also be used with other rubber stair treads, and rubber tiles.

Epoxy Rubber Tile Adhesive is a two-part solvent-free adhesive.
Covers approximately 150 SF.

Epoxy Stair Tread Nose Caulk

Epoxy Stair Nose Caulk is recommended for all Stair Tread installations.

Nose Caulk is necessary when installing adjustable nose treads or when the step nosing is broken, worn or rounded.

Residential Stair Tread Tape

The Residential Stair Tread Tape helps prevent stair treads from sliding around, especially on slippery surfaces. Our stair tread installation kit adheres to both the treads above and stair below and can easily be removed without leaving a residue.
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