Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Floor Tiles come in designs and colors that match our rubber stair treads and risers. These factory cut floor tiles can easily be trimmed to fit any landing, vestibule, elevator or stairwell. Ideal for use in heavily traveled public walkways, rubber floor tiles offer a consistent design with our other stair covering protection products as well as improved traction on floors surrounding the stairwell. All rubber floor tiles can be adhered to the floor with several of the adhesives we offer.

Diamondtred Floor Tiles

Deep diamond-pattern grooves allow dirt to fall below the tread, increasing traction and minimizing wear.

• 27" x 27" factory-cut tile.
• 7/32" thick.
• Matches Diamondtred stair treads.

Squareblock Floor Tiles

Squareblock Floor Tiles are our heaviest gauge, molded rubber floor tiles with an exclusive rectangular block design.

• 19.7" x 19.7" factory-cut tile.
• 7/32" thick.
• Matches Squareblock stair treads.

Circular Disk Floor Tiles

Circular Disk Floor Tiles have a circular discs pattern, offering a modern look and are easy to clean while increasing pedestrian safety.

• 19.7" x 19.7" factory-cut tile.
• 3/16" thick.
• Matches Circular Disk stair treads.

Marbleized Vinyl Floor Tiles

Marbleized Vinyl Floor Tiles offer a classic, tile look and sturdy design for long wear, and easy cleaning. The marbleized floor tile surface hides dirt and wear patterns.

• 18" x 18" factory-cut tile.
• 1/8" thick.
• Coordinates with all Vinyl Stair Treads and Risers.

Smoothtred Floor Tiles

Smoothtred Floor Tiles offer a durable, flat surface for extended wear, easy cleaning and enhanced noise reduction. The marbleized colors show less wear.

• 12" x 12" factory-cut tile.
• 1/8" thick.
• Matches Smoothtread stair treads.
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