Stair Treads

American Stair Treads brings you 28 years of stair tread expertise. We are proud to offer you the most comprehensive selection of high quality stair treads such as: rubber treads, vinyl treads, metal treads, stair tread risers and more. We specialized in both commercial stair treads as well as residential stair treads including carpet stair treads and waterhog stair treads. We welcome the opportunity to help you with any of your stair tread needs. Please contact one of our tread specialists for immediate assistance.

Vinyl Stair Treads

Vinyl Stair Treads offer long wearing capability and are an economic option for improving traction and slip-resistance on any stairway. These time-tested vinyl treads are made from a nonporous, abrasion-resistant vinyl allowing for easy cleaning. The surface of these vinyl stair treads has a corrugated rib pattern which helps remove dirt and debris and increases traction.

Rubber Stair Treads

Rubber Stair Treads are molded of top quality, homogeneous rubber and designed for commercial and industrial use. Easily trim rubber treads on site to the exact size of each step. Tapered nosing insures a better fit while the smooth rear border allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Ideal for use in heavily traveled public stairways including office buildings, condominiums, apartment buildings and retail stores.

Residential Stair Coverings

Residential Stair Covering are stair treads ideal for everyday home use to beautify stair cases and improve traction on hard surfaced stairs. These treads are not permanently adhered to the stair's surface; instead they are simply laid down with stair tread tape and ready to use. Residential stair coverings are available in a wide variety of carpet materials and designs as well as solid rubber for use outdoors and in garages.

Metal Stair Treads

Metal Stair Treads encompass industrial-grade, heat-treated aluminum, iron and steel step coverings which are either cast or bonded with long-lasting oxide abrasives to produce the most rugged, indoor/outdoor metal stair treads available today. These metal treads are perfect for heavy-traffic, frequently traversed commercial and public stairways. These metal stair coverings hold up to the harshest environments including, rain, snow, sleet and extreme temperature ranges.

Stair Tread Risers and Stringers

Stair Tread Risers and Stringers are available in both vinyl and rubber varieties and offer a smooth texture that matches all of our solid and marble colored rubber and vinyl stair treads. Both the length and height of these stair risers can easily be cut to fit. Coved risers provide a visually appealing transition from stair tread to riser thanks to their curved bottom lip. Stringers are smooth runner material that dress up and protect the sides of the stairway.

Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Floor Tiles come in designs and colors that match our rubber stair treads and risers. These factory cut floor tiles can easily be trimmed to fit any landing, vestibule, elevator or stairwell. Ideal for use in heavily traveled public walkways, rubber floor tiles offer a consistent design with our other stair covering protection products as well as improved traction on floors surrounding the stairwell. All rubber floor tiles can be adhered to the floor with several of the adhesives we offer.

Stair Tread Adhesives

Several Adhesives are available to secure stair treads, stair risers, stringers and floor tiles to virtually any type of surface including wood, tile, metal, concrete, terrazzo and asphalt. These flooring adhesives offer different strengths, come in different compounds and have varying drying times depending on the adhesive selected. Most stair tread adhesives come in a variety of sizes. Stair tread nose caulk is also available to to fill any gaps between the tread and the nose of the stair.

Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti-Slip Tapes improve traction on indoor/outdoor stairs, ramps and other locations where safety and slip-resistance are critical. These anti-skid tapes are available in two forms, both pads and rolls and come in a wide variety of colors to either blend into the surrounding environment or to provide contrast to catch one's eye. All of the non-slip tapes offered exceed all OSHA, ADA and ASTM requirements.

Fiberglass Stair Treads

Fiberglass Stair Treads are grit-surfaced step coverings that offer extreme traction and ideal for use in heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. The fire-retardant fiberglass is enveloped in a high-traction, carbide grit coating for superior traction in any environment and for use on metal, wood and concrete stairs and step ladders. Flat fiberglass floor coverings can be used for improved traction on ramps, handicap entrances, stair landings, and corridors.

Grit Strip Stair Treads

Stair Treads with high-traction grit strips and visually-impaired contrast strips provide a safer walking surface to prevent slip and fall accidents and increase overall stairwell safety while helping to meet city, county and state code regulations. Stair Treads with abrasive grit strips are especially useful for areas with greater exposure to moisture, greases and oils and can help minimize slippage, even in high-traffic environments.

Stair Nosings

Stair Nosings protect against slips and falls and can be a critical component of any stairwell system since nosings take the brunt of all foot traffic and are therefore the best part of the step to increase traction and slip resistance. Stair Nosings are typically 2" - 4" deep into the step can be placed on top of an existing stair or inlaid into a new concrete, wood or metal stair. Nosings can but up against carpet or virtually any other flooring substrate. Also, due to their smaller size, stair nosings can be a less costly option compared to traditional stair treads and other step coverings.

Temporary Stair Protection

Temporary stair protection is essential during construction and renovation projects to help protect stair from damage, dings and dirt. Temporary Protection Stair Coverings are a sturdy, durable and economical solution that's quick and easy to install, will hold up to even the most demanding, industrial environments and offer the protection any new set of stairs deserves. Temporary Protection Stair Treads is manufactured from heavy-duty, commercial-grade paper flooring (paperboard) and is unmatched in terms of strength and longevity. This material is non-staining, spill proof, flexible and recyclable. Being 4x thicker than Rosin paper, these paperboard stair treads are no match for even the toughest jobsites.
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